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Sell on Facebook

This feature basically brings the entire eCommerce experience to Facebook allowing you to sell your products to the fans, friends and followers plus it gives you the power to spread the word over the social media. Sell On FaceBook

Search Engine Optimization

When talking about SEO, our platform out of the box does a very good job by auto inserting content until you can do your own optimzation. Besides things like custon URLs, meta details, page title, header tags, sitemaps and so on, we invested a lot of effort and research using independent SEO companies to get the feedback and improve their SEO. All this translates in a better chance to rank higher in the search engines. SEO Optimization

Photo Display and Super Zoom

Because pictures are a very good way to attract customers, our Solution puts a lot of effort to come up with an advanced Photo Gallery and a special zoom option. With this features we are sure that your customers will have a perfect idea of what they are buying and that will increase their confidence. Image Zoom Feature

Mobile Commerce

In recent years the technology had improved a lot and more and more users have access to the internet on the go on their mobile devices. With our solutions, you can put the whole store in the palm of your customers and give them a way to shop for the favorite products from anywhere. Mobile eCommerce

Pricing And Plans

Cost is very important when running your business and our solution tackled this issue by creating five plans to give you the best value for the money. The plans are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, so depending on the size of your store you can find a solution that meets your needs at the best cost.

Price and Plans

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