Electronic Forms and Document Management

What is eLock Doc?

Organize Your Documents

eLock Doc™ is a forms and document management solution that gives users a common place to lock and discover critical documentation in you company or organization. Using eLock Doc™, employees benefit from a simple drop and lock web interface designed for quick implementation and adoption of document management best practices.

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Why Choose eLock Doc?

Save time and records


One of the main reasons for considering Lockdoc is that the main players rely on folders to organize files. Although you may now have all your files in on place in the cloud, they do not help users organize or find information. eLock Doc makes it easy for any user (regardless of their technical skills) to find and store documentation and reference material properly.

Collaboration Made Easy

At its core, eLock Doc is designed to help companies meet compliance requirements for documentation and quality control.  In addition to supporting Dublin Core, additional properties defined by the company such as industry standards, categories, subjects, departments, processes, copyrights, audiences, manufacturers, brands, and/or models may be linked to any document.


Pricing and Solution Options


eLock Doc is a cloud solution so there is NO UPFRONT COSTS. You can sign up directly from here to take advantage of some of the basic features or by through value-added reseller if you are looking for something specific to your industry. Act now and enjoy Lockdoc with no setup fee and no long-term commitment!

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